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The important of having proper tire pressure
Prevent accident
; Flat tire may cause you accident when you’re unable to control the vehicle. Incase of proper tire pressure it helps you to run smoothly and prevents from accident.

Prevents unplanned delay from punctured tire: Proper tire pressure helps you to prevent delay from punctured tire when it’s filled with right tire pressure

Fuel Economy ; Proper inflated tire saves your money by encouraging greater fuel economy Better steel your TPMS( Time pressure monitoring system)keeps you safe .

How to Measure Tire pressure?
Here are few easy steps to measure tire pressure
You can Guage the tire pressure by how the steering wheel feels
When temperature changes look at the tire and pay attention to tire pressure.
Check tire using tire pressure Guage.

Know your vehicle right tire pressure
As the tire pressure is different for each model b. I would recommend you to check owners
Manual book.
once each month you should checking your tire pressure. You can find tire pressure chart on all vehicles on the drivers side door either on the Jam on the side of the door or it’s gonna be on the door Jamb or B pillar

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