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Here is a checklist to service your car

As a new vehicle owner who wants to protect your investment , you’re probably wondering what kinds of service you are going to need to perform on your vehicle .While some of the service need to be  done by the automaker, it is good to be aware of what other service the vehicle might need to have done so you know when to bring it in.

General service instructions on any vehicle should be followed according too the owners manual. Manufacturers indicate which parts or consumables need to be replaced depending on the time or distance travelled. Below are few general service checklist.

  1. Engine oil change
  2. Engine oil filter
  3. Air filter(clean or replaced)
  4. Break Oil (if applicable )
  5. Tyre wear
  6. Tyre pressure
  7. All fasteners
  8. Break Pads or Break shoes
  9. Wheel alignment( in cars)
  10. Wheel balancing (in cars)
  11. Coolant(if have)
  12. Transmission oil
  13. Check under body damages
  14. Check break and coolant hoses
  15. Check for cracks or sound in belts(in cars)
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